indian autumn

Indian Autumn- slate veneer made from natural slate from India.
It contains vivid yellow and orange colours with black veining and grey in the background.
Widely used for decoration of designer interiors.
Floors and walls of a living room, bathroom, kitchen, decorated with slate veneer will acquire a new attractive look and unique design, the warm colours will add interior unparalleled value.

Size: 1220*610*2 mm
Weight: 1-1,2 kgs.


1220*610*2 mm natur.60 eur./pc. Sale, new price 30 euro./pc.

1220*610*2 mm natur.70 eur./pc. Sale, new price 40 euro./pc. transluscent

2400*1200*2 mm natur. 250 eur./pc. Sale, new price 190 euro./pc.